Transcript: Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds – Buckle-Up & Join the Ride: Our New Media Project is on Its Way!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 26th episode of Probable Cause. This is going to be a brief update on where I’ve been, what we’ve been doing, where we’re headed, and why.
In September and October we had an intense campaign on the Real Dennis Hastert Case. As expected, our forecasting was spot on. As expected, the mainstream and pseudo-alternative media channels unanimously blocked any real revelations in the real Hastert case. As expected, the criminal bastard and pedophile walked away from all his criminal deeds unscratched and with full-protection from the establishment media.
Now for some this whole deal may have been a real downer. Why wouldn’t it be? It is one of thousands of US political cases where we are reminded of the constant absence of accountability and justice.
How about me? Did I go through a down period? You bet. However, it was brief; very brief. The whole thing made

Boiling Frogs
Sibel Edmonds

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