Say G’day! To Australia’s National Security State

It’s a brave new world in Asia that looks a lot like the crappy old one.  Australia goes all in on China containment and levels up to national security state;  the war over Vietnam’s Internet escalates; and India-China confrontation misses its offramp.
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Show Notes
What does North Korea think of China’s ‘dual freeze’ proposal?

Frenemies with benefits: Turnbull’s path from ‘panda hugger’ to ‘China hawk’
Gough Whitlam’s Pine Gap problem
The British-American coup that ended Australian independence
Rundle: Proving the CIA-backed conspiracy that brought down Whitlam
Australia refuses to connect to undersea cable built by Chinese company
Terror in Little Saigon
Vietnam says Google will cooperate in removal of ‘toxic’ content
UAE arranged hacking of Qatari media: Washington

Boiling Frogs
Peter Lee

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