Tyranny in China & Covert Destabilization Operations

This week on China Watch, the world cries “tyranny” as PRC moves to abolish term limits for Xi Jinping.  China Watch says, Hmm.  Term limits.  Interesting.  We look at how succession issues are handled in China.  And point out that term limits have brought the United States to the brink of disaster.  How ‘bout that?
We also look at the deadly dance of the regional powers, India and the People’s Republic of China, over Pakistan.
The United States, India, and Afghanistan have pretty much declared open season on Pakistan and there’s all sorts of public economic and diplomatic pressure and covert destabilization operations going on against Pakistan
China’s trying to stay out of the middle of the Pakistan mess.  And that means great power deal cutting between the PRC and India and, maybe, the Chinese playing some footsie with some anti-Pakistan separatist groups.
Matters came out into the open last week over an obscure

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Peter Lee


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