DOJ report blasts FBI over McCabe recusal

The FBI failed to “fully appreciate the potential significant implications” of Democratic campaign donations to former deputy director Andrew McCabe’s wife, the Justice Department’s internal watchdog reported on Thursday.And the bureau erred when it failed to tell Congress that McCabe had, as a result of the donations, decided to recuse himself from the law enforcement probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account during her time as secretary of state, the report concluded.“The apparent purpose of that recusal was to address allegations concerning the propriety of McCabe’s continued participation in the Clinton-related investigations, which would be used to undercut the FBI’s credibility,” the report states. “This purpose is generally accomplished by informing the public that McCabe was recused. However, the FBI did not publicize McCabe’s recusal.”The admonishments leveled in the much-anticipated report on FBI missteps ahead of the 2016 election reflect a broad pattern in the document, which

Politico News - Congress (Elana Schor)

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