‘I’m going to do my own thing’: Dems split on message in SCOTUS fight

As they start a Supreme Court battle with control of the Senate on the line, Democrats want to talk about Obamacare. And Roe v. Wade. And the special counsel’s investigation into President Donald Trump.That’s not to mention Democratic concerns about how Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh would rule on guns, unions, voting rights and more. While the GOP is promoting Trump’s pick with a singular message — touting Kavanaugh’s ample qualifications — Democrats are offering multiple arguments against him that each speak to multiple parts of their base and the electorate.The multi-part strategy reflects a perennial challenge for a party that has struggled to succinctly communicate its agenda to voters.“We have a long history of making simple arguments overly complicated, and we have a long history of thinking that we need to compartmentalize our messages for different groups,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.). “We need to get over both of

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