The ‘all-I-want-for-Christmas-is-$5-billion-for-the-wall’ shutdown

<![CDATA[It’s the “All-I-Want-For-Christmas-is-$5-billion-for-the-wall” shutdown of 2018. Well, actually $2.6 billion. OK, $2 billion. Or the “Please just give us something” shutdown.The partial government closure that began at midnight Friday is in its second day, and there are no signs the impasse will end soon. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney warned on Sunday the shutdown could drag on into January, when Democrat Nancy Pelosi is expected to take over as speaker of the House.President Donald Trump has quietly come down from his original $5 billion demand for a border wall to just $2 billion, according to Republican lawmakers and aides.Trump has also backed off his demand that Congress approve an actual border wall, instead suggesting a steel picket fence of sorts, the design of which Trump tweeted to widespread disdain. “Yeah, I don’t think he settles for less than $2 billion for the wall,” said a source who

Politico News - Congress (Jake Sherman)

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