Congress returns to session — but shutdown drags on

<![CDATA[Officially, Congress will be in session on Thursday. Unofficially, lawmakers are doing little to nothing to end a partial government shutdown now in its sixth day — and President Donald Trump isn’t moving, either.Aides in both parties say they see little reason to believe anyone is budging over the funding of Trump’s border wall, least of all the president himself. Party leaders are now gaming out how the new Democratic House will react to a shutdown affecting a quarter of the government, and there are increasing worries that the funding lapse will persist for weeks, potentially deep into January.“I don’t see a scenario where the government opens back up until a new Congress is sworn in,” said retiring Rep. Ryan Costello (R-Pa.) on MSNBC Thursday. He added: “The Democratic House is not going to put more money into border security, I don’t think.”Both the Senate and House are scheduled to

Politico News - Congress (Eliana Johnson)

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