Key moments from William Barr's nomination hearing

<![CDATA[Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the president’s 2016 campaign was front and center during William Barr’s hearing Tuesday, with the attorney general nominee pledging to remain independent. In largely cordial exchanges with the Senate Judiciary Committee, Barr sought to clarify his positions on executive privilege when asked if his memo criticizing Mueller’s probe would compromise his ability to oversee the investigation. Barr had written in the memo to the Department of Justice that Trump’s firing of his former FBI director, James Comey, could not constitute an obstruction of justice. But during the committee hearing, Barr emphasized his personal and professional respect for Mueller, saying he would not interfere with his work. Here are some of the key moments from the confirmation hearing: Barr vowed to protect the Mueller investigation The attorney general nominee said “I certainly think it would be an abuse of his power” when asked if a

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Matthew Choi

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