Republicans start whacking Trump for attacks on congresswomen

After a day of silence, congressional Republicans began to harshly criticize President Donald Trump for demanding that liberal freshman congresswomen “go back” where they came from — with some GOP lawmakers decrying his comments as “racist” and calling for him to apologize and remove his tweets.The pushback on Monday marked some of the strongest condemnations Trump’s received from his party, which began with a trickle and then threatened to widen as Trump escalated his attacks in remarks to reporters. Several Republicans called Trump’s comments “racist,” a description rarely used against the president by members of the GOP.”Instead of sharing how the Democratic Party’s far-left, pro-socialist policies… are wrong for the future of our nation, the President interjected with unacceptable personal attacks and racially offensive language,” said Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the only black Republican senator. “No matter our political disagreements, aiming for the lowest common denominator will only divide our

Politico News - Congress (John Bresnahan)

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