Rand Paul calls it ‘big mistake’ for Trump defense to center on quid pro quo

Sen. Rand Paul offered a striking assessment of the White House’s impeachment defense on Sunday, calling it “a big mistake” for Trump to continue denying the existence of a quid pro quo with Ukraine because, he asserted, all U.S. aid is conditional in a way. The investigation has thus far sought to examine whether Trump abused his power by withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid for Ukraine until it announced investigations that could benefit him politically. But Paul contended on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that in some ways, there are always contingencies on U.S. foreign aid. “If you’re not allowed to give aid to people who are corrupt, there’s always contingencies on aid,” he argued, contending, “We’ve gotten lost in this whole idea of quid pro quo.” Paul, a proud deficit hawk who also said he didn’t believe the U.S. had the means to provide aid to

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