The impeachment calculus Democrats don't want to talk about

Sen. Brian Schatz, the Democrat from Hawaii, is well-known for a jokey Twitter feed popular with the #Resistance. When I talked to him last night as he was walking into the Senate on the eve of the first impeachment hearings in 21 years, he was in a more serious mood.Recently, Schatz has immersed himself in impeachment history to prepare for his role as a juror in the likely Senate trial of Donald Trump that may occur in January or February. The briefing binder he gets from his staff is usually stuffed with materials on policy and legislation. Now, he said, it’s 60% about impeachment.His reading has only strengthened his conviction that Democrats, in the middle of deciding their presidential nominee and a year away from an election in which voters were to decide Trump’s fate, were correct to begin impeachment proceedings. Re-reading Federalist 65 and Federalist 66, was especially reaffirming.

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Ryan Lizza

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