7 reporters recount a historic week in impeachment

History was made this week as public hearings began in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.It was difficult, but not impossible, to overlook this simple fact amid the blizzard of breaking news and onslaught of accusations, counter-claims and Twitter tirades.The House speaker accused the president of bribery. The president attacked a diplomat during live testimony. Democrats cried witness tampering on the same day Trump’s key campaign adviser was convicted of the same charge (alongside six other felony counts) as Republicans scrambled to defend a president intent on defending himself.It’s a lot to take in and break down, so we asked seven reporters who are covering the Trump presidency and the investigations what on earth just happened, and what in the world will happen next.What happened this week that moved the dial and will be remembered when the history books get written on this?Melanie Zanona, Congress reporter: The first

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