Adam Schiff says Intel panel will continue to investigate Trump

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said on Sunday his panel will continue investigating President Donald Trump, asserting there’s “overwhelming” evidence that he abused the power of the presidency by pressuring Ukraine’s president to investigate a political rival.“I certainly think that the evidence that’s been produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct by the president,” the California Democrat said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The remarkable thing about this — and we have done this with almost, well, literally, no documentary production from the administration — is the facts are really not contested. It’s really not contested what the president did.”Schiff’s Intelligence Committee wrapped up the public phase of its impeachment investigation last week after hearing from a dozen witnesses. Now, it’s preparing a report to the House Judiciary Committee, which will decide whether to draft articles of impeachment. That report could come as early as the week of Dec. 2, but

Politico News - Congress (Kamran Rahman)

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