Mike Lee is the quiet force to get Trump acquitted

Lindsey Graham is fighting President Donald Trump’s impeachment case on Twitter and every media outlet that will have him. Mitch McConnell is swatting down Democratic demands and pledging to acquit the president.But behind the scenes, Sen. Mike Lee is quietly playing a crucial role coordinating with Trump and his legal team ahead of the impeachment trial.The Utah Republican is working with the White House to track the wide-ranging viewpoints within the Republican Senate majority, including his Utah colleague and impeachment wild card Mitt Romney. That relationship could prove critical when the Senate considers difficult votes on witnesses or other motions, and ultimately on the president’s acquittal or conviction.And though Lee is staying away from the cable news food fights that some of his colleagues are fixtures on, he’s not exactly urging a dulcet tone from Trump.“He has every reason to be confident about this, every reason to be unapologetic and

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