Senate Republicans slam Democrats’ impeachment case as nothing new

Hours into the start of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, Senate Republicans are claiming they’ve heard nothing new in the House managers’ case for removing Trump from office.
Trump’s defense team also sounded confident on Wednesday that the president would win acquittal at the earliest stages of the House Democrats’ presentation. “The idea that this reaches the level of impeachment, legally speaking, is really absurd,” said Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lead personal attorney.
While the Senate GOP mantra isn’t surprising — numerous Republican senators have already expressed deep distrust of, if not outright opposition to, Democratic efforts to oust Trump — it shows the difficulty Democrats will face when they push for additional witnesses and evidence next week.
“We’ve just come out listening to, what, six hours of testimony, and I didn’t hear anything new,” Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) told reporters early Wednesday evening. “It still seems to me that this was an effort

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John Bresnahan

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