Imagine Dragons frontman to talk LGBTQ advocacy with Democrats

Early-morning caucus meetings after the State of the Union address are not usually the best-attended of the year. But that might change this year.
The House Democratic Caucus on Wednesday will host Dan Reynolds, the lead vocalist of the Grammy award-winning band Imagine Dragons, to discuss his advocacy work for LGBTQ youth in his home state of Utah, according to people familiar with the planning.
Reynolds, who belongs to the Mormon Church, created the LoveLoud Foundation in 2017 to help raise awareness of struggles faced by the LGBTQ community, including higher rates of suicide, particularly in socially conservative strongholds like Utah.
Rep. Ben McAdams (D-Utah) — whose district includes Brigham Young University, where Reynolds formed Imagine Dragons — will introduce him to the caucus.
Reynolds is straight and married to a woman. But he has said he took on LGBTQ issues in part because of

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