Trump gets bittersweet vindication with a surprise twist from an old foe

He was itching for a liberating victory lap. Instead he got an unwelcome surprise.
President Donald Trump’s long-anticipated impeachment acquittal delivered a last-minute twist that robbed him of a long-sought talking point: absolute Republican unity in the face of Democrats trying to usurp the presidency.
White House aides and allies were caught off-guard mid-afternoon when Republican Sen. Mitt Romney announced he would vote alongside Democrats to find the president guilty on one charge against him. The entire House Republican caucus had stood firm in support of Trump — even lawmakers in swing districts who knew it could threaten their reelection — and Romney’s move stained the moment.
It was an unsatisfying end for Trump after months of wrangling over impeachment and years of fighting over the Russia investigation. And it was an asterisk his legal team hoped to look past.
“I have no reaction to it,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said of

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Nancy Cook and Meridith McGraw

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