Republicans storm out of coronavirus briefing after Democrat rips Trump's response

Several House Republicans walked out of a closed-door coronavirus briefing Friday with Trump health officials in protest after a senior Democrat blasted the Trump administration’s handling of the response effort.Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) kicked off the briefing sharply criticizing the administration as disorganized and lacking urgency in combating the coronavirus, lawmakers said. Her speech frustrated Republicans and some Democrats assembled to hear from the slate of officials from the CDC, NIH and State Department.”If I wanted to hear the politics of it, I’d read POLITICO or something, let’s be serious,” said Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-Mich.), who was among the walkouts. A handful of Republicans began booing almost immediately after DeLauro raised concerns with the administration’s efforts, according to two people in the room.DeLauro’s comments were indicative of the growing political tensions around the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus response. President Donald Trump, who has publicly tried to downplay the

Politico News - Congress
By Adam Cancryn and David Lim

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