Surveillance law exposes deep rifts in both parties — with Trump as a wild card

Congressional leaders are scrambling to find a way to preserve sensitive federal surveillance powers, but they’re running out of options — and time — as they struggle to bridge deep rifts within both parties. The imminent expiration of the programs has thrown Congress into a mess, with factions in each party — and a mercurial President Donald Trump — threatening to derail any agreement with less than two weeks until the provisions lapse. Republican and Democratic leaders are in talks about potential reforms to the spying law, known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, but forging a consensus before the March 15 deadline appears unlikely. And with lawmakers from both parties dug in against the status quo, even a short-term extension of the current law may lack the votes to pass, jeopardizing the fate of provisions that U.S. intelligence agencies consider crucial for national security. “This shouldn’t be as hard

Politico News - Congress
By Kyle Cheney, Sarah Ferris and Marianne LeVine

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