'We are part of the problem': Lawmakers seek to halt Capitol visits as the outbreak grows

Fears of the coronavirus in Washington have shuttered schools, offices and churches across the region. But on Capitol Hill, it’s business as usual — at least for now.Lawmakers of both parties say they’re increasingly convinced it’s time to restrict public access to the Capitol, with throngs of tour groups and lobbyists continuing to shuffle between offices on a daily basis amid the quickly intensifying coronavirus crisis.A nation-wide panic over the outbreak has shut down some of the biggest events in the U.S. But congressional leaders — in close consultation with the Capitol’s attending physician and the sergeant at arms — have so far continued to allow hundreds of visitors to “the people’s House.” At the moment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is adamant in public and private that the U.S. Capitol should remain open, keenly aware of the wave of panic that could result from suspending tours or closing public galleries. Others,

Politico News - Congress
By Sarah Ferris and Melanie Zanona


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