Democrats delayed stimulus bill to insert tighter ban on Trump family profiting

The Senate was about to approve the largest recovery bill in U.S. history on Wednesday night when the Democrats hit pause, realizing something was missing — tighter language to limit the money President Donald Trump and his family would get from the stimulus. Democrats and Republicans had already agreed to revise a clause that would bar money from going to Trump family-owned businesses during the coronavirus outbreak, but that update was not in the final printed legislation, according to two people familiar with the situation.For two hours, Democrats held up passage of the bill as the stricter language was inserted, the people said. The Senate eventually passed the bill just before midnight.The updated language was meant to address a loophole in the original clause, which barred the bill’s loans from going to businesses that were at least 20 percent owned by presidents or their children, spouses and in-laws. But that wording

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By Anita Kumar

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