Prospects diminish for Covid deal ahead of election

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has become Washington’s latest pessimist on the odds of delivering a massive coronavirus relief package ahead of the Nov. 3 election in just three weeks.“At this point, getting something done before the election and executing on that will be difficult,” Mnuchin said at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Wednesday.Mnuchin’s remarks came hours after he held a lengthy call with Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier Wednesday morning, during which the two negotiators further discussed language of the GOP’s latest $1.8 trillion offer, which Pelosi has already rejected. Mnuchin said Wednesday that he and Pelosi continue to “make progress.” Pelosi’s spokesperson, too, described the talks as “productive” and said the two negotiators would speak again on Thursday. But across Washington, a dose of political realism has begun to set in, with lawmakers and top aides begrudgingly admitting that it would be virtually impossible to clinch a trillion-dollar-plus package

Politico News - Congress
By Sarah Ferris

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