Democrats prepare sweeping budget plans if they win in November

Democrats are eyeing aggressive budget and spending plans if they sweep in November, aiming to deploy every fiscal tool at their disposal to deliver major investments in infrastructure, clean energy, child care and more.Congress is already heading into a big budget year, regardless of the outcome on Election Day. After a decade of enduring strict budget caps and operating under the threat of automatic spending cuts, lawmakers face no overall limits on defense and non-defense discretionary spending for fiscal 2022. Washington will also have to again grapple with raising the debt limit on federal borrowing next summer in order to stave off calamity.But the main event — if Democrats control the White House, Senate and House — will be budget reconciliation. Originally designed to reduce the deficit, the procedure has been used by both parties in recent years to enact a sometimes-costly agenda while evading the Senate filibuster. Republicans tapped

Politico News - Congress
By Caitlin Emma

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