GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw to Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘Start acting’ like a member of Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t even made it to Capitol Hill yet, and she’s already being told to behave by a fellow Republican.The controversial Trump-supporting, QAnon-spreading House candidate who won election on Tuesday night got into a Twitter spat with GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas on Friday after she accused Crenshaw of not supporting the president’s bid for reelection. Crenshaw tweeted earlier Friday that Republicans would accept the outcome of a fair vote but added it “should not be partisan to suggest” an investigation into the 2020 elections amid allegations of irregularities. President Donald Trump and his surrogates have been contesting the validity of the election has Democrat Joe Biden edges closer to victory in a number of critical swing states. There has been no evidence of major voter fraud or interference in election tallying.Greene, however, jumped on his comments and cast them as capitulating to Democrats.”The time to STAND

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By Matthew Choi

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