Susan Collins reaches peak influence after Senate stunner

Shortly after her surprisingly strong reelection win, Susan Collins received a call from an old colleague: Joe Biden. It’s probably not the last time they’ll talk over the next four years. After her 24-year Senate career appeared in jeopardy a month ago, the Maine Republican romped to victory and is now at the peak of her power — and is preparing to play a central role in the Senate during Biden’s presidency. Unless Democrats can shock the world and claim two Georgia Senate seats and Senate control in January, it’s hard to imagine a single Biden Cabinet nominee or major piece of legislation will get through a Republican-controlled chamber without Collins’ support. Now entering her fifth term, Collins acknowledges the important position she will play as a moderate in a Senate GOP that will hold at best a 52-seat majority. And she believes Biden should generally get his Cabinet confirmed,

Politico News - Congress
By Burgess Everett

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