Liability reform compromise remains elusive

As a bipartisan group of lawmakers races to unveil a $908 billion coronavirus relief proposal they hope can pass Congress, Democrats and Republicans remain at odds over how to resolve their differences on a key sticking point: liability reform. Emerging from a closed-door meeting Monday evening, senators said they have yet to reach a solution on the matter, but they exchanged competing proposals. The senators are expected to meet again Tuesday. Sen. John Cornyn described Monday evening’s conversation in the Senate’s Mansfield Room as a “robust exchange of ideas” but added “there’s no consensus yet.” The Texas Republican said he suggested removing language related to liability reform and state and local aid, another sticking point, but that his proposal “went over like a lead balloon.” While a bipartisan cohort of senators, led by Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Mitt Romney (R-Utah), is working to finalize language for the $908 billion package,

Politico News - Congress
By Marianne LeVine

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