Senate approves one-week funding bill to avert midnight shutdown

The Senate cleared a one-week government funding bill on Friday by voice vote, forestalling the threat of a government shutdown at midnight and capping off hours of drama after several senators threatened to hold up the resolution.The last-minute agreement to fast-track the short-term funding fix came after a handful of senators dropped efforts to tack on other provisions. President Donald Trump signed the measure on Friday night. The House had easily passed it on Wednesday. The bill buys congressional negotiators a little more time to finish up talks on a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending package that would boost federal agency budgets for the rest of the fiscal year, in addition to billions of dollars in pandemic aid that millions of Americans will lose over the holidays.Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — who had been pushing for a vote on another round of stimulus checks — relented after threatening to block passage

Politico News - Congress
By Caitlin Emma, Marianne LeVine and Andrew Desiderio

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