Members of Congress to Trump: Sign stimulus bill

A bipartisan group of lawmakers on Sunday urged President Donald Trump to sign the bill funding the government and providing economic relief to a nation still reeling from the deadly coronavirus. After months of inaction, Congress last week passed a $900 billion relief package and a $1.4 trillion spending bill to fund the government through September. The stimulus package included $600 direct payments to individuals and families, enhanced unemployment benefits, small business aid and funding for distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine.The fate of that bill, however, is up in the air after Trump trashed the legislation and called for $2,000 stimulus checks. Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans expired Saturday, and the federal government is poised to shut down Monday unless Trump signs the bill. Should the president veto the bill, the House and Senate — which both passed the legislation by overwhelming margins — could override the veto.“You don’t

Politico News - Congress
By Nolan D. McCaskill

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