Trump supporters yell ‘traitor’ to Lindsey Graham at airport

Sen. Lindsey Graham was verbally harassed by at least a couple dozen Donald Trump supporters at Reagan National Airport on Friday after his public break with the president, according to a person at the scene who provided a video of the incident. Several people repeatedly loudly yelled at the South Carolina Republican that he was a “traitor.” One woman called him a “liar,” while another said, “You work for the people, you work for us, do you hear me?” They promised not to touch him as he was surrounded by security. The identities of the people shouting at Graham couldn’t immediately be identified, and it’s unclear if they attended the Trump protest on Wednesday that turned into a deadly riot on Capitol Hill. Several of the Trump supporters followed Graham as he walked around the airport with security guards. “One day [you] will not be able to walk down the

Politico News - Congress
By Daniel Lippman

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