Lindsey Graham predicts radical first 100 days

Sen. Lindsey Graham predicted Sunday that the first months of Joe Biden’s presidency will bring the most radical agenda in U.S. history.Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Features with Maria Bartiromo,” the South Carolina Republican offered a vision of radical Democrats attempting to enact leftist policies in the aftermath of Biden’s inauguration.”I think we are going to have in the first hundred days by the Biden administration the most aggressive socialized policy effort in the history of the country,” Graham said.While supporting the legitimacy of Biden’s victory and saying he would attend Wednesday’s inauguration — “I think it’s important that I show up” — Graham predicted to Bartiromo that Democratic priorities would make Americans nostalgic for President Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress.”If they do what they are talking about doing,” Graham said. “Republicans will come roaring back in 2022, we will take back the House, we will

Politico News - Congress
By David Cohen

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