Democrats’ Covid conundrum: Work with GOP or run them over

Democrats are facing their first major decision with total control of Washington: whether to wait and see if negotiations with Republicans pan out or move forward unilaterally with a massive coronavirus package.Progressives are itching to wield control of the House and Senate and are skeptical that talks between a bipartisan group of senators and President Joe Biden will bear fruit. But moderates say the party needs to be more patient and give the centrists some space to work. And there’s not a lot of time: Critical unemployment benefits now expire on March 14.“I’ll guarantee you I can sit down with my Republican friends and find a pathway forward,” said Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who said it was “horrible” how Republicans evaded the filibuster to try and pass their agenda on tax cuts and health care when they held the majority. “Let me try first.”“People can talk to whoever they want

Politico News - Congress
By Burgess Everett, Caitlin Emma and Sarah Ferris

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