‘We're going to have to do battle’: CBC eyes ambitious policy agenda under Biden

The Congressional Black Caucus has reached what might be the apex of its power after 50 years in Washington — but it’s also staring down its most daunting to-do list yet. Black lawmakers are entering the 117th Congress with an ambitious agenda they believe has a real chance under President Joe Biden. But even with Democrats in power, it won’t guarantee an easy path for the CBC, which is under pressure to confront a series of crises: a pandemic that’s hit Black communities hardest, long-stalled policing reform and the most inequitable economy in generations. Then there’s the vaccine, which already has a uneven track record on race, with significant disparities in its distribution. And they’ve got to combat lingering skepticism about the vaccine among some of their Black constituents.“It’s a strange situation in which we find ourselves right now,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) said in an interview. “The CBC has

Politico News - Congress
By Maya King and Sarah Ferris


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