Chuck Schumer is thinking big — gridlocked Senate be damned

Chuck Schumer vowed in November that when his Democrats “take Georgia, then we change the world.” He wasn’t far off.The New Yorker’s ascension to Senate majority leader gave President Joe Biden the power to spend trillions of dollars that would not have materialized had now-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell held onto one of Georgia’s two Senate seats. Schumer’s party now holds complete control of Washington, its members eager for success after a decade of setbacks.It’s an opportunity, Schumer said in an interview this week, that comes around “maybe twice a century.” And he’s not wasting his hot hand, ensuring that the White House infrastructure plan includes two of his long-sought personal goals to reshape the economy: a clean-cars plan with more than $100 billion for electric vehicles and a sweeping measure designed to crack down on China’s influence. That’s not to mention his continued pressure on the White House, alongside

Politico News - Congress
By Burgess Everett

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