Biden moves to preempt House Dem blow-up over infrastructure deal

After months of aggressively wooing senators, White House officials are now turning on the charm with House Democrats.
The administration is working to soothe anger among Democratic members who have grown vocal in their dissatisfaction with the bipartisan infrastructure bill that the Senate will soon consider.
Their attempts to keep House Democrats in line illustrate how actively the White House is gaming out the legislative hurdles ahead. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her team will need near unanimity to move the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal — and possibly a much larger partisan social spending plan — through the House in the coming weeks.
More immediately, both Pelosi and the White House know that having senior House Democrats trashing the already delicate bipartisan infrastructure negotiations in the Senate could dim the chances of a final deal being reached.
“A lot of people here have opinions and if I were the White House, I would certainly

Politico News - Congress
By Laura Barrón-López and Heather Caygle

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