Democrats slam McConnell over debt limit timebomb

The United States runs out of power to keep borrowing money in 10 days. If Congress doesn’t act fast to handle the debt limit in the weeks that follow, Democrats say the fallout will be Mitch McConnell’s fault.
Top Senate Democrats accused the minority leader Wednesday of plotting to hold the economy hostage after McConnell said he doesn’t expect any Republican senators to vote to prevent the U.S. government from defaulting on its loans in the coming weeks. Unless Democrats can corral the support of at least 10 senators from the other side of the aisle, they will need to raise the debt limit in a package with their $3.5 trillion partisan plan to enact President Joe Biden’s social welfare and family aid proposal.
That package might not pass in time to remedy the debt issue and could force the majority party into a trickier vote on a new maximum for the

Politico News - Congress
By Caitlin Emma and Jennifer Scholtes

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