‘One hell of a fight,’ all night: Senate vote-a-rama jump-starts $3.5T plan

Senate Democrats kicked off the marathon known as “vote-a-rama” on Tuesday to deliver their next filibuster-proof ticket to passing major legislation against the will of their GOP colleagues.
Republican senators began firing off a volley of hot-button amendments Tuesday afternoon, in their last legislative hurrah before senators depart for the August recess that was already supposed to be underway. The GOP plans to drag the voting session well into the night, peppering the majority party with dozens of symbolic amendments on issues like school reopening, hydraulic fracturing and policies for handling immigrants who are sick with coronavirus.
The vote-a-rama will culminate with a final roll call — likely late Tuesday or in the wee hours of Wednesday — on adoption of a 92-page framework for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion package of climate and social initiatives, including subsidized child care, expanded Medicare and paid family and medical leave benefits. Adoption of the budget measure

Politico News - Congress
By Caitlin Emma and Jennifer Scholtes


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