Texas hold ’em: Biden aides push Cruz to lift ‘death grip’ on nominees

The secretary of State is lighting up Capitol Hill phone lines. His underlings are using committee hearings and private exchanges to raise alarms. An outside letter-writing campaign is not out of the question. And if things get really bad, President Joe Biden himself may have to say something.
But will any of this growing pressure move Sen. Ted Cruz to stop blocking the confirmations of State Department nominees? An increasingly frustrated Biden administration is simply not sure.
Nearly seven months since he took office, only 10 of Biden’s State Department nominees have been confirmed. Dozens more, including some 60 would-be ambassadors, face what one person familiar with the situation called Cruz’s “death grip.” Other senators have put holds on nominees, but none has enforced such a blanket block without an easy path through it as Cruz.
The Texas Republican is blocking State Department nominees en masse because he is upset that Biden waived

Politico News - Congress
By Nahal Toosi and Alexander Ward


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