House Dem moderates lay out battle lines as Pelosi stands firm

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told her caucus Wednesday she would not waver from her two-pronged strategy to deliver President Joe Biden’s main domestic priorities, bringing the House closer to a standoff between Democrats’ leadership and their most vulnerable members.
The California Democrat reiterated in no uncertain terms during a call with members that she would only bring the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure deal to the floor after the upper chamber finishes the party’s $3.5 trillion social spending package. Her approach shrugs off a growing pressure campaign from moderates, who are urging Pelosi to take up the Senate infrastructure bill more quickly so that they can sell it to voters back home.
But without a separate party-line measure containing the rest of the party’s priorities, Pelosi told Democrats, she wouldn’t have the votes to pass either bill.
“I’m not freelancing. This is the consensus of the caucus,” Pelosi told her members on the call, according to

Politico News - Congress
By Sarah Ferris and Heather Caygle

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