Anatomy of a power play: How 9 House Dems cut their deal with Pelosi

Josh Gottheimer had been in the political wilderness for 10 days before he was finally summoned by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cut a deal.
The de facto leader of a rebellious group of party moderates had signaled for weeks that he had the votes to upend Pelosi’s carefully laid legislative plans and wasn’t going to go quietly this time. Gottheimer and eight allies indicated, privately and then very publicly, that they wanted an immediate vote on the Senate’s infrastructure bill and would tank the budget if they didn’t get their way.
On Tuesday, Gottheimer and his group pulled off what just days ago seemed unimaginable — Pelosi praised them for their “enthusiasm” in a public statement while announcing her commitment to pass the infrastructure bill by Sept. 27.
“Not everybody loves you every day, but when you sit and work with both sides, you tend to take body blows from

Politico News - Congress
By Sarah Ferris and Heather Caygle

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