Democrats reopen old health care wounds with $3.5T mega-bill on the line

Hours after House Democrats launched a major, health care-focused piece of their pitch to turn $3.5 trillion of social spending dreams into law, it ran smack into a political brick wall.
The party’s growing problem is twofold: On one hand, the White House and Senate are keeping their distance from the House’s proposal to divvy up hundreds of billions of dollars between a progressive push for a massive expansion of Medicare benefits and a leadership-driven quest to permanently strengthen Obamacare. On the other, progressives who got a lot of what they wanted in draft legislation the House Ways and Means Committee released Tuesday night are still unhappy with colleagues who would rather use the party’s health care dollars on making expanded subsidies for Affordable Care Act coverage permanent.
The speed with which Democrats’ health care drama leaked from behind closed doors underscores just how bumpy the ride will be as

Politico News - Congress
By Heather Caygle and Alice Miranda Ollstein

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