Schumer rejects Manchin's 'strategic pause' on $3.5T megabill

Chuck Schumer is brushing off Joe Manchin’s call for a “strategic pause” on Democrats’ spending agenda, vowing that the party will not slow its pursuit of a $3.5 trillion bill tackling climate change, tax policy and beefing up social programs.
“We’re moving full speed ahead,” Schumer told reporters on Wednesday morning. “We want to keep going forward. We think getting this done is so important for the American people.”
The Senate majority leader’s remarks signaled little public concern with Manchin’s hardline position against the $3.5 trillion target as Democrats push to finish the bill early this fall. Schumer has set a soft target of Sept. 15 for unveiling draft text, which will surely prompt a more vigorous discussion within the 50-member caucus about what, if anything, Democrats are willing to cut from their plan to satisfy moderates like Manchin.
Manchin last week published an op-ed urging his party to slow

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By Burgess Everett

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