Congress wakes up to its staff retention problems after Covid, bomb threats and riots

Congressional Democratic leaders are trying to stem a tide of staff turnover in both parties after a year that has tested the Hill’s mental health and sense of safety. The efforts might not be enough.
Retention problems have plagued congressional offices for years, exacerbated by lagging pay and a patchwork of benefits — and that was before the Jan. 6 riot that threatened the lives of aides as well as members. The pandemic is its own existential threat to Hill aides who, in many cases, must work alongside lawmakers and aides who have flouted public health rules and politicized adherence to those guidelines.
Lawmakers have attempted to reverse the brain drain caused by top aides leaving, raising an existing salary cap on staff, proposing increases to office budgets and examining benefits. But it’s not clear whether the promise of future pay bumps can counteract the strain of working long hours

Politico News - Congress
By Katherine Tully-McManus

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