Democrats put tax hikes on fast track — after knocking GOP’s haste on tax cuts

Democrats’ rush to pass a slate of tax increases is giving some Republicans déjà vu.
It’s reminiscent of the speed with which they muscled their 2017 tax cuts through Congress — which were widely criticized by Democrats and others as hastily written.
Republicans released the outline of what became the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act four years ago this month.
“It is eerily similar,” said Mark Prater, who at the time was their chief tax counsel on the Senate Finance Committee.
The House Ways and Means Committee aims to approve by Wednesday a massive tax plan it just released on Monday as lawmakers work against an internal Sept. 15 deadline for assembling their entire “reconciliation” spending package. Democrats hope to pass it out of the chamber by the end of this month.
Moving quickly has tactical advantages for Democrats, making it harder for lobbyists — and Republicans — to pick

Politico News - Congress
By Brian Faler

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