Democrats grapple with faltering filibuster push

Anti-filibuster advocates are preparing a last stand to gut the Senate’s supermajority requirement by spotlighting a sweeping Democratic election reform bill. Their chances aren’t looking good.
The effort is uphill and potentially impossible, given several Democratic moderates’ entrenched opposition to changing the 60-vote requirement for most legislation. All 50 Democratic votes would need to get on board for a change to the Senate rules, and Sen. Joe Manchin said on Tuesday that he’s focused on finding 10 Republican votes for a new elections compromise that he helped shape.
“I’m not talking about that at all,” the West Virginia centrist said of potential rules changes after addressing the question countless times amid rising opposition to the filibuster in his party. Manchin even met with GOP leader Mitch McConnell to pitch his elections bill on Tuesday afternoon and said afterward that the filibuster didn’t come up.
And as Democrats’ long-running internal debate

Politico News - Congress
By Burgess Everett and Marianne LeVine

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