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Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Looking Back at Watergate

Peter B. Collins Presents Saint John Hunt
In this interview with the son of Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt, we get a new angle on the scandal that brought down Nixon. Howard Hunt was a CIA agent who participated in the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the JFK assassination, and was recruited for the “plumbers” crew that broke into the Watergate headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. In a new book, “Saint” focuses on his mother’s role as the bag woman who distributed “hush money” from Nixon’s allies and was killed in a mysterious plane crash in 1972. We get some interesting new insights and anecdotes on the state crimes against democracy linked to Watergate.
*Saint John Hunt’s new book is Dorothy: The Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife—Watergate’s Darkest Secret. More information and links to his music recordings are here.
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Peter B Collins

DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Did Howard Hunt Help to Kill JFK?

Howard Hunt was a CIA operative, a Bay of Pigs veteran, a Watergate conspirator and spy novelist. He also confessed to his involvement in the assassination of JFK, implicating Lyndon Baines Johnson, Cord Meyer and others. However, aside from this one confession in 2003 he had always denied the rumors and theories, under oath to Congressional investigations, in interviews, even suing news outlets that alleged he was part of one of the highest profile crimes of the century. Even in his autobiography, which was published years after his supposed confession, he denies having anything to do with it. Was this just the CIA editing his book before publication, as we know they did, or is it something more complex?
In this episode I ask whether we should take Hunt’s confession seriously. Why would Hunt admit in 2003, on tape no less, to his involvement in the JFK assassination, only to

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Tom Secker