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Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Origins of UK-US Spy Collaboration

Peter B. Collins Presents Author Geoffrey Gilson
When his employer and friend Hugh Simmonds was found dead from “suicide” in 1988, Geoff Gilson was initially a suspect, as at least $7 million in trust funds had disappeared. To clear his name, and understand Simmonds’ suspicious death, Gilson began his own investigation into the murky world of British intelligence, the international arms trade, and kickbacks to the well-connected, including Margaret Thatcher’s do-nothing son, Mark. A rich cast of characters includes a spy named Reginald von Zugbach de Sugg, Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashe, press baron and double agent Robert Maxwell, Mohammed and Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana, and the corrupt banks BCCI and BNL. Gilson ties his discoveries to the ongoing, robust collaboration between US and British intelligence agencies.
*Geoffrey Gilson is a former British lawyer who has spent 25 years trying to unravel the mysteries related to the death of Hugh Simmonds, recounted in

Boiling Frogs
Peter B Collins