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DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Mystery of Martial Bourdin

Martial Bourdin was an anarchist who accidentally blew himself up near the Greenwich Royal Observatory in London in 1894. This event formed the basis for a book by Joseph Conrad and a film by Alfred Hitchcock, but behind the absurdity and horror lies a familiar tale of secret agents, insider accounts and the advancement of the security state. This week we examine the mystery of the death of Martial Bourdin, the problems of the official record and the secrecy surrounding the infiltration of the anarchist movement in this period. I round off by presenting a theory that could explain what happened, in light of what we have already discussed in this series.
On the Line – David Rooney talks about the Greenwich bomb
Alex Butterworth – The World that Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers,
Schemers, Anarchists & Secret Agents
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