Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 142

Europe’s Strategy to Topple Syriza
The anti-austerity Greek government of Syriza has signed on to the most invasive and harsh agreement of any Greek government to date: more austerity, more ‘reform’, and more control over Greece to its bailout creditors in Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussels and Washington. Greece is an occupied country that has been attempting to negotiate the terms of its liberation with the occupying powers. It has thus far failed. But this was the strategy of Germany and Europe all along: to sustain the crisis, increase the pressure, and gain the upper hand. Ideally, for Germany and the EU, the new agreement with Syriza would lead to a schism in the party and result in a collapse of the government, with elections bringing to power a puppet government that Europe would happily deal with. Until then, the strategy remains the same: increase the tension, increase the chances for regime change.

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