BFP Exclusive- The Balkans & the Implications of the Possible Demise of the European Union

What if the EU is no more?
The ongoing Greek crisis has shown that not only the Eurozone, but also the European Union itself, is constructed on very fragile institutional foundations. It has shown that, in the long run, a monetary union without the federative political arrangement is not sustainable. Without the precisely delineated rules, as would be inscribed in a federal constitution, the economically weaker members of the EU become the victims of the dictates of those who are economically stronger. This leads to the democratically indefensible outcome in which the votes of some members of the EU count for more than the votes of others. As in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. This is why it is very likely that the EU in its current incarnation is faced with a slow but inevitable demise.
It appears that the propitious political

Boiling Frogs
Filip Kovacevic

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