NEWSBUD- Reviving Ethical Investigative Journalism with Bill Conroy, Peter B. Collins & Sibel Edmonds

How and Why Mainstream & Pseudo-Alternative Media Funders and Their Puppetry Editors Kill Stories that Matter
Welcome to our second podcast episode, announcing our new media project- NEWSBUD.COM. In this podcast episode Peter B. Collins, investigative journalist extraordinaire Bill Conroy and I discuss the importance of agenda-free and independent investigative journalism, how the current media funders and puppetry editors censor and kill stories that matter, and the urgency to make Newsbud- 100% independent & People Funded, a reality. Our discussion includes real life examples of censored stories, Gary Webb, and the synergy between legitimate whistleblowers and journalists.
Are you tired of getting your news from sources funded by mega-corporations and billionaire dynasties? If yes, then come and join us in establishing NEWSBUD—100% people-funded: Where media integrity matters. Newsbud will be a wholly independent, non-partisan multi-media news source created to provide reporting that isn’t compromised by a reliance on ratings or the special

Boiling Frogs
Peter B Collins

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